Latest Classifieds in UTAH LAKE REGION - SALT LAKE

24 AF well water

UTAH LAKE REGION - SALT LAKE $4,000.00 per Acre Foot

We have 24.45 acre feed of underground water that can…

Want Strawberry Highline

51 Payson $3,500.00 per Share

Need 6 shares of Strawberry Highline Canal at West Mountain near the end of the canal delivery system.  Will pay

1.5 Pleasant Grove Irrigation

55 Lehi $6,400.00 per Share

Each share of Pleasant Grove Irrigation delivers 1.6 acre feet…

7.34 Strawberry – Highline Canal

51 Payson $4,000.00 per Share

Each share of Strawberry delivers one acre foot of water through the Highline Canal.  Water right becomes attached to the

5 Shares of Lake Bottom Irrigation

55 Provo $42,000.00 per Share

Each share delivers 14.5 AF so the cost per AF…

2 AF West Mountain

51 Payson $4,000.00 per Acre Foot

Here is the water you need for your home in south Utah County.  It is priced to a quick sale,

2.3 AF Well Water

55 Lehi $4,000.00 per Acre Foot

2.342 acre feet of underground water can be used on…