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What Sets Us Apart

UTAH WATER RIGHT EXCHANGE offers the only water right brokerage services in the State of Utah. We serve as a clearing house for water rights. It is our goal to establish a market place where water rights can be bought and sold at a fair price.

It is the goal and purpose of Utah Water Right Exchange to gather enough information on the sale of individual water rights that a market price range can be disclosed. With this information available a fair price can be negotiated between the buyer and seller.

Our Customer Service Policy

I believe in treating my clients with fairness and integrity. As your water right agent, I feel that it is my responsibility to look out for your needs and desires and advise you in all your important water right decisions.

Mardell D. Topham
Utah Water Right Exchange
886 East 8475 South
Sandy, Utah 84094-6330

Mobile: 801-201-5221
Email: mdtopham@msn.com

Mardell D. Topham, Water Right Broker Mardell is the Water Right Broker for UTAH WATER RIGHT EXCHANGE and the Principal Broker for ROYAL HERITAGE REALTY. He was a licensed real estate appraiser.  MAI Retired. .