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Want 300 AF Parowan valley

75 Parowan

Looking for as much as 300 acre feet at a…

Water Wanted South of Spring City

65 Ephraim

Looking for 6 acre feet of water in the Mount Pleasant/Spring City/Ephraim area. Need water rights to drill a well


66 Levan

We need  2 acre feet or more of underground water for a home and yard about 6 miles South of

Beaver and Shingle Creek

35 Kamas $2,000.00 per Share

The typical need is for 5 shares for a house…

7.9 AF Well Water Draper

57 East Salt Lake $3,000.00 per Acre Foot

14.918 AF Underground water right presently located in the Draper…

Panguitch Lake Water

61 Panguich $3,000.00 per Acre Foot

Panguitch Lake water is available at $2500 for 0.25 acre…

41 AF Well Water Blanding

9 Monticello $3,500.00 per Acre Foot

We have 41 acre feet of water in a well northeast of Blanding, Utah.  The asking price is $3500 per

Underground Water Available

35 Ogden $3,500.00 per Acre Foot

Year around industrial water.  An unusual find with water available…

Want Strawberry Highline

51 Payson $3,500.00 per Share

Need 6 shares of Strawberry Highline Canal at West Mountain near the end of the canal delivery system.  Will pay

Mapleton well water

51 Payson $4,000.00 per Acre Foot

This 0.81 AF well water was used for 29 livestock…