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32 AF – Sevier River, Panguitch Utah

61 Panguich $5,000.00 per Acre Foot

Will Entertain Reasonable Offers

5 Shares of Lake Bottom Irrigation

55 Provo $42,000.00 per Share

Each share delivers 14.5 AF so the cost per AF…

Grantsville Irrigation Comapny Water Shares


Grantsville Irrigation Comapny Water Shares $9500 if buying less than…

6.5 AF Underground water Cache

25 Cache Country $4,000.00 per Acre Foot

This water right is located southwest of Logan and west of Providence. It has 6.563 acre feet for the irrigation

5 Beaver Shingle Creek Shares

35 Kamas $1,250.00 per Share

The typical need is for 4 shares for a house…

2 AF West Mountain

51 Payson $4,000.00 per Acre Foot

Here is the water you need for your home in south Utah County.  It is priced to a quick sale,

13 College Irrigation Co

25 Cache Country $12,000.00 per Share

We have 13 shares of College Irrigation Co available for $12,000 per share.  Each share delivers 3 acre per share

Timpanogos Canal Water

55 Provo $4,000.00 per Share

Timpanogos Canal delivers 9.1 acre feet per share.  This water right is a partial share of 0.13 or approximately 1.183

7 Springs Creek – Cache Irr Co.

25 Cache Country $12,000.00 per Share

Springs Creek – Cache Irrigation Company delivers 3 acre foot…

WANT 15 AF Panguitch water

61 Panguich $4,000.00 per Share

We need 15 AF from the Sevier River or undergrouund…