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Want 300 AF Parowan valley

75 Parowan

Looking for as much as 300 acre feet at a…

Water Wanted South of Spring City

65 Ephraim

Looking for 6 acre feet of water in the Mount Pleasant/Spring City/Ephraim area. Need water rights to drill a well

Want well water Am Fk

55 Lehi $7,000.00 per Acre Foot

Need well water for landscape irrigation to add to an…

Water Wanted for Riverdle

35 Ogden $5,000.00 per Acre Foot

44 acre feet of water is needed for a development…

Want Davis Weber Canal

35 Ogden $36,000.00 per Share

We are developing an exciting subdivision and need at least 15 shares of Davis Weber water.  We are willing to

Mapleton well water

51 Payson $4,000.00 per Acre Foot

This 0.81 AF well water was used for 29 livestock…

Mapleton well water

51 Payson $6,000.00 per Acre Foot

This is well water that already approved for Mapleton City…

1.45 AF Water Wanted

54 Cedar Valley $10,000.00 per Acre Foot

Want to build in Cedar Fort, so we must have 1.45 acre feet 

Water Wanted Gunnison

63 Salina $5,000.00 per Acre Foot

Looking for water in Sanpete and Sevier Counties along the…

2 AF Water Wanted

66 Levan $4,000.00 per Acre Foot

Need some water for a home and landscaping ASAP (101520…