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North Jordan Canal

59 North West Salt Lake $1,500.00 Per

One share of North Jordan Irrigation Co available for $1500.  Deliver is 1.72 AF per share (AZ-120617)

Want Brooklyn Canal

63 Richfield $7,500.00 Per

We sure would like to have 2 more shares of Brooklyn Canal.  Willing to pay market price M or L. 

Water wanted Cedar Valley

54 Cedar Valley $8,000.00 Per

Water need to add to an existing well on a 20 acre horse facility in the south part of Eagle

Cottonwood Gooseberry Irrigation

65 Mt Pleasant $3,500.00 Per

We have 13 shares of Cottonwood Gooseberry Irrigation shares for sale.  you can buy one or all.for only $3500 per

120 AF Well Water Wanted

59 North West Salt Lake $1,800.00 Per

We need 120 acre feet more or less for use in the NW part of the Salt Lake Valley.  It

Willard Water Company

29 Box Elder East $750.00 Per

Selling Willard Water Company irrigation shares for use on ditches 3, 4, or 5.  Shares are available in multiples of

Welby Jacob Water Users Company

59 South West Salt Lake $1,600.00 Per

52 shares of Welby Jacob available for only $1600/Share  Each share delivers one acre foot. Currently under a long term

3 South Jordan Canal

59 South West Salt Lake $6,000.00 Per

The owner of this water right is moving out of Utah and is anxious to sell.  Three shares for only

2 South Jordan Canal

59 South West Salt Lake $6,000.00 Per

2 shares of South Jordan Canal are available for $6,000 per share.  Each share delivers 4.94 AF so the price

Lake Bottom Irrigation Canal

55 Provo $33,000.00 Per

Lake Bottom Irrigation delivers 14.5 AF per share so at a price of $33,000 per share the price would be

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