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35.75 AF Herriman Well

59 South West Salt Lake $5,000.00 Per

Finally, here is the Herriman underground water you have been looking for and you can have it all for only

Tooele / Erda water right 15-5328, 15-4699, 15-4700

15 Tooele - Erda $8,300.00 Per

Tooele Water Rights- 87.588 AF. Buy 1 acre foot or all 87.588 AF. $8,700 per AF. If you purchase more

American Fork / Pleasant Grove WR 55-12370

55 Lehi $4,054.00 Per

American Fork / Pleasant Grove / Northern Utah County area water right 55-12370 1.48 acre feet. $6,000 for all 1.48

186.AF Well Water Indianola

51 Thistle $3,500.00 Per

Indianola well water for only $3500 per acre foot if you buy all  186.75 AFt.  Lesser amounts available at a

120 AF Well Water Wanted

59 North West Salt Lake $1,800.00 Per

We need 120 acre feet more or less for use in the NW part of the Salt Lake Valley.  It

Looking for Grantsville Water Rights

15 Tooele - Grantsville $5,000.00 Per

We are looking for underground Water shares.  I had to list a price, but please we will look at all

6.72 AF Underground water

51 Payson $4,000.00 Per

6.72 acre feet of underground water that can be moved to your property in South Utah County area 51.  You

2.3 AF Underground water Lehi

55 Lehi $4,000.00 Per

This 2.342 AF of underground water is available at a reduced price of $4000 per acre foot and can be

6.72 AF Underground water Lehi

55 Lehi $4,000.00 Per

6.72 acre feet available in Lehi and can be moved to North and South Utah County.  This underground water right

Water Wanted East Sandy

57 East Salt Lake $3,500.00 Per

Need water for landscaping of a large lot located in east Sandy.  Will pay the fair market price.  Anxious to