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SOLD North Ogden Irrigation

35 Ogden $2,500.00 Per

$2500 for one share of North Ogden Irrigation.  Each share delivers 2 acre feet so the acre foot price is


2.01 acre feet ground-water

55 Heber $11,000.00 Per

WRN 55-7035 for 1.56 AF WRN 55-12420 for 0.45 AF This water can be used anywhere east of Heber and

Water Wanted for Cedar Fort

54 Cedar Valley $7,000.00 Per

Buyer needs 3 – 5 acre feet for home and land in and near Cedar Fort.  Willing to pay $7000/AF.

1.5 AF Well Water American Fork

55 Lehi $4,000.00 Per

Underground water right for one domestic unit, 6 livestock and the irrigation of 0.25 acres.  $4,000/AF (MM-060714)

Spanish Fork City Water Needed ASAP

51 Payson $0.00 Per

I am in need of 47 acre feet of water that can be transferred into the City of Spanish Fork.

Springdale Water Shares – Government Auction

81 St George $1,061.00 Per

Government Auction for Water Shares! Please visit our auction webpage at   1.    SALE DESCRIPTION This offering is for three

Grantsville Irrigation

15 Toole West $3,600.00 Per

Grantsville Wanted Irrigation shares.  Michael Naeger 801-870-8085

4 shares Mapleton Irrigation Co.

51 Payson $3,500.00 Per

4 Mapleton Irrigation Co. Each share delivers 1 acre foot.   (cc-062314)

Water rights needed in Bear Lake area

23 Rich Country $2,000.00 Per

Looking for 50 Acre feet of Water in Garden City, Lake Town, or surrounding area south of Bear Lake in

2 Shares of East Jordan Irrigation

57 East Salt Lake $6,000.00 Per

2 shares of East Jordan Irrigation Company each share delivers 4.84 acre feet.  At a price of $6,000/share the acre

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