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Richfield Irrigation Canal Wanted

63 Richfield $10.00 Per

Need water from the Richfield Irrigation Canal Company or the Sevier River in the Annabella area.  Need a significant amount


8.5 AF of Ground-Water ERDA

15 Toole East $7,000.00 Per

8.5 acre feet of ground-water in Section 32 southwest of Erda Junction on Highway 36.  Asking price is $7,000 per


6.5 AF for Tooele City

15 Toole East $10,000.00 Per

6.5 acre feet of ground-water for livestock in Section 32 southwest of Erda Junction on Highway 36. This water is


2.01 acre feet ground-water

55 Heber $11,000.00 Per

WRN 55-7035 for 1.56 AF WRN 55-12420 for 0.45 AF This water can be used anywhere east of Heber and

0.84 AF Underground water right

51 Payson $4,500.00 Per

Utah Water Right: 51-6951.  A year around water right for 30 stock units or 0.84 acre feet.  Livestock water is

Will pay for Brown and Sanford Water Credit

57 East Salt Lake $1,200.00 Per

If you have any Brown and Sanford Water Credits you want to Sell Please call 1-801-298-8060 

1 share of Monroe South bend Canal irrigation water

SEVIER RIVER/SOUTHERN REG. Richfield $4,500.00 Per

Monroe South bend Canal irrigation water for sale asking $4,500.00. One share now available possible more. One share will irrigate one acre. water

Parleys Canyon Diligence Right in Area 57

57 East Salt Lake $25,000.00 Per

Diligence claim in Parley’s Canyon area 57.. Call for details. Potential for change application, use for development, etc.. Ron 435-901-2002

1 AF Well irrigation water

15 Toole East $6,000.00 Per

This underground water right could provide clean fresh water for your home or your garden.  It is currently offered at

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