Water Wanted

Want to buy 1 acre foot water right ogden utah.

35 Ogden $1,000.00 Per

Looking to purchase 1 acre foot of water rights in Ogden, Utah. I am in the Lorin Farr Area between

Want Brown and Sanford Ditch

57 East Salt Lake $3,000.00 Per

I have existing shares for my lot and would like to acquire 2 – 3 more.  

Need Milbourn Irrigation water

65 Mt Pleasant $5,000.00 Per

Looking to purchase one share (or a portion of one) of Milbourn Irrigation Company.  Will pay market price (JG-052417

2 AF Water Wanted for Well

57 East Salt Lake $4,000.00 Per

We really need to find 2 acre feet of water for a well in Area 57, the east side of

Water Wanted East Sandy

57 East Salt Lake $3,500.00 Per

Need water for landscaping of a large lot located in east Sandy.  Will pay the fair market price.  Anxious to

Water Wanted Panguitch Lake

61 Panguitch $2,500.00 Per

We need just enough for our seasonal cabin.  0.25 acre feet will satisfy the requirements.  Please let us know if