Water For Sale - sevier riverwestern reg richfield

Well Water Right for Sale in Sanpete Co.

65 Ephraim $5,000.00 Per

$5000/AF. Well water right for sale in the Sanpete County (Area 65: Sanpitch River). Water right is currently assigned to our

6 AF Well Water Pintura

81 St George $5,000.00 Per

Here it is, the water you are looking for in the area around Pintura.  And it is only $5000 per

Water Right in Deseret

68 Delta $5,521.00 Per

2.898 acre feet of water. Right # 68-1232. Located just a few feet outside of “The Golden Circle” Asking $16,000

Water Right number 73-4032

73 Cedar City North $4,200.00 Per

1AF, .25A irrigation usable anywhere north of highway 56 in Cedar City, UT.

Well water Mammoth Creek area

61 Panguitch $3,500.00 Per

Just enough for your mountain cabin 0.25 acre feet.  It is available for only $3500 m or l (DW-120216)

44 AF Well Water

65 Ephraim $4,000.00 Per

This water can be used in the Ephraim area and south.  It is a best buy at $4,000  per AF.

5 AF Fairview

65 Mt Pleasant $5,500.00 Per

5 acre feet available in the Fairview and Mt Pleasant area.  Can be moved to your well location in NE

4 AF Panguitch Water

61 Panguitch $4,500.00 Per

We are willing to split this water right into smaller amounts.  If you purchase all 4 AF the price is