Water For Sale - sevier riverwestern reg richfield

Well Water Ephraim

65 Ephraim $4,500.00 Per

3.284 acre feet available for use in the Ephraim area of Sanpete County,  Can be moved to your parcel in

Well water right for sale in the Sanpete County

65 Ephraim $5,000.00 Per

Well water right for sale in the Sanpete County (Area 65: Sanpitch River). Water right is currently assigned to our

6 AF Well Water Pintura

81 St George $5,000.00 Per

Here it is, the water you are looking for in the area around Pintura.  And it is only $5000 per

Water Right in Deseret

68 Delta $5,521.00 Per

2.898 acre feet of water. Right # 68-1232. Located just a few feet outside of “The Golden Circle” Asking $16,000

Well water Mammoth Creek area

61 Panguitch $3,500.00 Per

Just enough for your mountain cabin 0.25 acre feet.  It is available for only $3500 m or less.  Must be

5 AF Fairview

65 Mt Pleasant $5,500.00 Per

5 acre feet available in the Fairview and Mt Pleasant area.  Can be moved to your well location in NE

4 AF Panguitch Water

61 Panguitch $4,500.00 Per

We are willing to split this water right into smaller amounts.  If you purchase all 4 AF the price is