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28.5 AF Well Water SW Salt Lake

59 South West Salt Lake $5,000.00 Per

We have 28.5 AF Located in Herriman area. It can be moved anywhere in the valley except east of the

2 AF Herriman well

59 South West Salt Lake $5,500.00 Per

If you need underground water in the Herriman area this water should move to your lot easily.  Also can be

3 AF for S. Jordan

59 South West Salt Lake $1,300.00 Per

This 3 AF is a water credit in South Jordan City and can be transferred to you project as soon

68.131 AF of water in West Erda

15 Tooele - Erda $9,500.00 Per

Selling 68.131 AF of water in West Erda for $9,500 per acre foot. 

1 share South Jordan Canal

59 South West Salt Lake $6,500.00 Per

Here it is that South Jordan Canal share you are looking for and it’s only $6500.  There are other shares

Well Water Wanted S. Fairfield

54 Cedar Valley $10,000.00 Per

Would like to purchase as much as 100 acre feet but would take just one if is available.  Needed for

77-1891 Well Water

77 Beaver $10,000.00 Per

Advertising 10 of total 30.72 underground water rights.  Rights can be transferred to any location within the Beaver Valley.   Certification

9 AF Well East of Grantsville

15 Tooele - Grantsville $6,000.00 Per

This underground water right is located between Grantsville on the west and Erda on the east and can be moved

Timpanogos Canal Water

55 Provo $4,000.00 Per

Timpanogos Canal delivers 9.1 acre feet per share.  This water right is a partial share of 0.13 or approximately 1.183

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