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8.5 AF of Ground-Water ERDA

15 Tooele - Grantsville $7,000.00 Per

8.5 acre feet of ground-water in Section 32 southwest of Erda Junction on Highway 36.  Asking price is $7,000 per


6.5 AF for Tooele City

15 Tooele - Grantsville $10,000.00 Per

6.5 acre feet of ground-water for livestock in Section 32 southwest of Erda Junction on Highway 36. This water is

26 AF Well Water

51 Payson $3,500.00 Per

This 26 acre foot water right has been used in the American Fork area and can be moved to a

Beaver Shingle Creek Water Shares

35 Kamas $1,250.00 Per

4 shares of Beaver Shingle Creek water. Selling for $1250.00 per share, or 4 for $5000. Perfect if you need

Grantsville Water Rights

15 Tooele - Grantsville $5,000.00 Per

Grantsville Water Rights For Sale. $5,000 per acre foot. 25 to 27 acre feet available. Water Right Number 15-507.

.15 Provo Bench

55 Provo $6,300.00 Per

Provo Bench Canal delivers 14 acre feet per share.  So .15 share represents 2.1 AF.  The asking price is $3000/AF

5 AF Fairview

65 Mt Pleasant $5,500.00 Per

5 acre feet available in the Fairview and Mt Pleasant area.  Can be moved to your well location in NE

1.3 AF Bluffdale

59 South West Salt Lake $5,000.00 Per

1.318 acre feet of underground water currently located in the Bluffdale area – the SW quadrant of the Salt Lake

4.1 Shares of Highland Conservation

55 Lehi $6,000.00 Per

4.1 Shares of Highland Conservation.  3 shares of class D (ditch assessment paid in full in advance), 1.1 shares of

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