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Lake Bottom Irrigation Canal

55 Provo $33,000.00 Per

Lake Bottom Irrigation delivers 14.5 AF per share so at a price of $33,000 per share the price would be

Beaver Shingle Creek Shares

35 Kamas $1,250.00 Per

You can purchase 4 shares for $5,000 or one for $1250.  We have more shares available if you need them.



We have 10 shares of Mapleton Irrigation for sale at $8,000per share.  Developing within Mapleton City limits and need water

Provo Bench Canal & Irrigation Company

55 Provo $2,800.00 Per

6.11 Provo Bench shares at.$2800/acre foot .or  $40,600/share.

13 AF Well water S Utah Co.

51 Payson $3,500.00 Per

We have 12.94 acre feet of water from an underground water drain near Pleasant Grove that can be transferred into

8 Shares Settlement Canyon Irrigation

15 Tooele - Erda $4,000.00 Per

8 shares of Settlement Canyon Irrigation available for purchase at $4,000.00 per share. Owner open to any reasonable offers. May

Midway Irrigation WILL GO FAST!!!

55 Midway $45,000.00 Per

We have 5.4 shares (just above 16 acre feet) of Midway Water we are willing to sell for $15,000 per

Utah Lake Distributing Company

59 South West Salt Lake $6,000.00 Per

We have 26 shares of Utah Lake Distributing Company for sale for only $6,000 per share.  You can buy all

2 shares of Green Ditch

57 East Salt Lake $2,000.00 Per

2 shares of Green Ditch – Price negotiable.  Stephen Pace 801-363-8190 

Water Wanted Panguitch Lake

61 Panguitch $2,500.00 Per

We need just enough for our seasonal cabin.  0.25 acre feet will satisfy the requirements.  Pleas let us know if

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