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8.5 AF of Ground-Water ERDA

15 Tooele - Erda $7,000.00 Per

8.5 acre feet of ground-water in Section 32 southwest of Erda Junction on Highway 36.  Asking price is $7,000 per


6.5 AF for Tooele City

15 Tooele - Erda $10,000.00 Per

6.5 acre feet of ground-water for livestock in Section 32 southwest of Erda Junction on Highway 36. This water is

Water Wanted Herriman

59 South West Salt Lake $5,000.00 Per

Need 1 or 2 acre feet to replace a fixed time water right in a well in Herriman. 

Wasatch Irrigation Company

55 Heber $25,000.00 Per

0.84 shares of Wasatch Irrigation for Sale.   Please call 435-671-2733

22 Beaver Shingle Creek

35 Kamas $1,175.00 Per

Here is that Beaver Shingle Creek water you have been looking for and it only $1175 per share.  It typically

6.25 Washington Irrigation

55 Francis $6,500.00 Per

6.25 shares of Washington Irrigation Company available for only $6500 per share..  Each share delivers 1 acre foot (DC-090717) 

Well Water Right for Sale in Sanpete County

65 Ephraim $5,000.00 Per

$5000/AF. Well water right for sale in the Sanpete County (Area 65: Sanpitch River, south of Pigeon Hollow). Water right is

62 Welby Jacob Water Users Co.

59 South West Salt Lake $1,600.00 Per

We have 62 shares of Welby Jacob Water Users Company for sale for only $1600 per acre foot.  (KR-082917)

Eagle MT water credit

54 Cedar Valley $7,500.00 Per

Developer has extra water credit with Eagle Mountain City.  It is available for only $7500 per acre foot.  You can

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