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57 East Salt Lake $3,000.00 Per

I need 5 AF m/l of underground water to irrigate the landscaping of a  large yard in the Avenues of

South Jordan Canal

59 South West Salt Lake $5,500.00 Per

Anxious to sell on share of South Jordan Canal.  Available for $5,500.   (LV-062915)

1 AF Wanted East of Mt Pleasant

65 Mt Pleasant $5,000.00 Per

I really need 1 acre of underground water for my future home east of Mt Pleasant.   (KB-062915)

17 AF underground water

65 Mt Pleasant $5,000.00 Per

WRN 65-397 and 65-1362 from two wells on a 12 acre parcel of land.  Can be purchased with the land

Well Water Right in Sanpete County Aquifer discharge area

65 Moroni $10,000.00 Per

$5000 per ½ acre ft. Well water right for sale in the Sanpete County (Area 65: Sanpitch River). Water right

Spring City Water Please

SEVIER RIVER/SOUTHERN REG. Richfield $2,000.00 Per

Hi I’m Scott and I’m looking for 1 or 2 shares of horseshoe water that I can trade to spring

Cedar City, UT Water Rights

73 Cedar City North $3,500.00 Per

79.8 Acre-Ft of water rights located at 3475 West 1600 North, Cedar City, UT. 20.49 Acre-Ft of water rights located

2 AF Needed in Chester

65 Moroni $5,000.00 Per

2 AF needed for two home sites south of Chester crossroads.  Do you know of any water that can be

7 AF Well Water – Grantsville

15 Toole East $4,500.00 Per

7 AF of underground water 15-5237 – ideal for your Grantsville City water requirements or for your own private well.

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