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8.5 AF of Ground-Water ERDA

15 Tooele - Grantsville $7,000.00 Per

8.5 acre feet of ground-water in Section 32 southwest of Erda Junction on Highway 36.  Asking price is $7,000 per


6.5 AF for Tooele City

15 Tooele - Grantsville $10,000.00 Per

6.5 acre feet of ground-water for livestock in Section 32 southwest of Erda Junction on Highway 36. This water is

Want Brown and Sanford Ditch

57 East Salt Lake $3,000.00 Per

I have existing shares for my lot and would like to acquire 2 – 3 more.  


4 springs at the top of Casper mountain currently we have 5 gallons per minute


I currently have 4 springs expelling about 5 gallons per minute. This water tests out better then the major brands

Underground Irrigation water

15 Tooele - Erda $8,500.00 Per

water rights for sale for $8500 per acre foot. WRN 15-4816 47.131 AF 15-4821 21 AF call Joshua 1(385)985-7332 need

5 Mapleton Irrigation shares

51 Payson $5,000.00 Per

We have the Mapleton Irrigation water that you need for you home and its only $5000 per share.   (JP-052517)

Need Milbourn Irrigation water

65 Mt Pleasant $5,000.00 Per

Looking to purchase one share (or a portion of one) of Milbourn Irrigation Company.  Will pay market price (JG-052417

2 AF Water Wanted for Well

57 East Salt Lake $4,000.00 Per

We really need to find 2 acre feet of water for a well in Area 57, the east side of

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