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8.5 AF of Ground-Water ERDA

15 Tooele - Grantsville $7,000.00 Per

8.5 acre feet of ground-water in Section 32 southwest of Erda Junction on Highway 36.  Asking price is $7,000 per


6.5 AF for Tooele City

15 Tooele - Grantsville $10,000.00 Per

6.5 acre feet of ground-water for livestock in Section 32 southwest of Erda Junction on Highway 36. This water is

3AF Wanted in Cedar Valley 54

54 Cedar Valley $1,000.00 Per

Looking for 3AF to use in Cedar Fort, Cedar Valley area. 

Wanted Charleston Irrigation

55 Heber $3,000.00 Per

Tom needs 1–2 shares of Charleston Irrigation.  willing to pay market rate (TD – 032317

Underground Water Rights in Delta

68 Delta $8,000.00 Per

2.33 acre feet of water. Right #68-1244. The use is designated at 80 livestock units and .20 domestic use. Located

Water Right in Deseret

68 Delta $5,521.00 Per

2.898 acre feet of water. Right # 68-1232. Located just a few feet outside of “The Golden Circle” Asking $16,000

1.5 AF Underground water right

55 Provo $4,000.00 Per

This underground water right can be used either in North or South Utah County.  The price is only $4000/AF or

200 acre feet underground water Meadow District

67 Pavant $4,600.00 Per

200 acre feet of water right with a 1950 priority date. Water is to be sold together for total sale

Water Wanted East Sandy

57 East Salt Lake $3,500.00 Per

Need water for landscaping of a large lot located in east Sandy.  Will pay the fair market price.  Anxious to

Settlement Canyon Irrigation

15 Toole West $3,800.00 Per

1 share of Settlement Canyon Irrigation available for purchase at $3,800.00 per share, open to any reasonable offers.

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